Saturday, January 29, 2011

I need a Whistle

OK this is a joke, I need a whistle, & I need one NOW!
My kids....Hudson 2.5yrs....Charlotte 8 months.... Both gorgeous.
I am just starting to experience a whole new world of why both children need to play with the same toy. WHY???
Hudson has a room full of toys way beyond Charlotte's capabilities at the moment, but why is it because I have pulled out a lot of his 'baby' toys, he has become so possessive. I will admit Hudson isn't loving the world of sharing, and that's a constant battle, but this I just don't get.
As soon as she starts playing with something, like a little sheep from his farm set, he wants it too and takes it. Charlotte bless her hard has developed a strong personality, and when something is stolen from her gets very mad. Very mad I mean by the way of her arms and legs all stiff, turning a slight shade of red, and this frustrated cry comes right out. I am sure she is saying "GIVE IT BACK BUDDY'. I can't get Hudson to understand to leave her alone and when I take it back off him he starts sooking. It's a real battle.

If only a blow of a whistle could work, play would stop and the referee (me) would step in & all would be fixed. Ahhhhh babies

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why I Love Australia

It's only natural I think for every individual to be patriotic about their country.
I know I am!
I think Australia is the greatest country in the world for Men, Women and children.

What I love about Australia is,
Freedom to dream
Freedom create our own destinies without limitation
Equal rights
A wonderful country that is multi cultural
We are generally a relaxed bunch
Who does a BBQ better than Aussies
We love a cheeky drink
We own the Pavlova......yes we do!
We live for holidays
This is only a few things I love, I could keep going so I will leave it there.

I hope you are enjoying you Australia Day whatever it is you've chosen to do.

Kylie xx

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Robot Design

My first Robot cushion has been a popular design online and at markets,
so I thought I would add a new version.

Two Robots - One robot taller than the other, one robot shorter than the other. Both looking at each with buzzing antennas.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Children's Dressers

I came across these very unique pieces of children's furniture today and was so impressed I had to share them. I don't need to say many words, I think they speak for themselves.

Accordion Dresser - My favourite.

All images from 'this next'

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Peace & Quiet

I have a frantic life, I mean really, who doesn't?
Being here there and everywhere is the norm for me everyday, just the quantity of it changes.

I never quiet understood the TRUE concept of PEACE & QUIET.
Before the kids, peace and quiet was watching movie with hubby, having a quiet drink with friends, a daily walk, reading a book or magazine, surfing the net, even having a self indulged shopping spree. I guess I assumed that was peace and quiet, as it was the pre kids self absorbed time we could allocate to ourselves.

This isn't the first time that I have savoured peace and quiet, it's one of many, but it's so peaceful I just wanted to share it with you.

Ahhhhhhh........I am sitting here in an empty house.
YEP! The kids are out seeing their great nan. The TV is off, so is the radio. I can hear the birds outside chirping. I can even hear the slow air flowing from my cooling system in the house. It's wonderful, I don't feel the need for doing very much at this moment. Just to sit and be quiet is quite lovely, you forget how quiet the world can be. I am taking advantage of this right now, I do have chores to complete, & some orders to fulfil, but I thought they could wait for 30 minutes.

I hope you can find a peaceful moment today to.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The choice to work from home with my kids.....

Like a lot of other women out there, I am a stay at home mum. This is my choice, not one that my husband has demanded , or anybody else believes I should do.

Pre motherhood, I had a full time career, like many of us, one where I chipped in 10hr days, just to continually try and reach to the top. I travelled several times a year interstate, and overseas. Sometimes, or I should say a lot of the times, I worked weekends, yep I w
as networked into the work system, or I had a lap top. Work, work work.
It was a great time in my life, great mates, and one I thought could never be topped, all the independence and cash to burn. Yep life was, sweet.

Then my babies came. WHOA!! Life changing, my time is never my own, I am their world, I think for them, know when they are hot, cold, hungry, or miserable. Not on my life could I leave them. Although sometimes I wish I could run away for a little while, hehehe!!!
Just to make my world a little more hectic I decided to start my own handmade business. I use the skills I already have, and rely on everything else via instinct, and learn from the online community.
I still get a lot of people asking me how do I do it?
Why do I do it?
Doesn't it kill you having nothing to say to anyone everyday?
Doesn't your brain feel mushy after baby jibber jabber?
Aren't you bored?
Topped with their opinion "I couldn't do that to myself".
Mind you a lot of these comments are generally from people who don't know me so well.
I just want to put it out there,


I think today us chickies are pretty lucky. I know I am glad
I was born in this era.
When have the opportunity to dream and believe in what we do. Do what we want & just go for it. I love that I get to see my kids everyday, it's not always a calm day, and more days than not I have tantrums to deal with, and can be very frustrating.
I still get to have a creative outlet, and this happens with them. I still love to hand sketch, so I make sure Hudson draws with me. I am able to work during Charlotte's nap times, & Hudson has quiet time whether it be with a movie, a book, or a task that is done best with Charlotte asleep. During wake time it's go go go. Parks, swimming lessons, mothers group catch ups, everyday errands, & other activities. But we are together and it's fun.

You never know I may return to work one day, I may not. Personally I would rather still be doing what I am doing, be more established, and keep being creative and enjoying every moment. Well that's my plan anyway.

I wrote this today in hope on shedding light that WAHM's can have kids and a career to.

Monday, January 17, 2011

new cushion designs

I have been working on some new designs in the cushion category of my shop.
I am absolutely thrilled that they are selling as well as they are. Like everyone we all would love regular customers and repeat business, so I knew it was time to update my shop with some more new designs.

My love cushion I think is very ageless, especially with Valentine's day around the corner.

OMG...3 Spiders hopefully won't frighten anyone, they shouldn't with their big smiles.

This design is already in both of my shops. Girly Bird. She has been a big favourite on her own and personalised, I couldn't move on from her yet, so she has been treated with a new colour palette.
Don't forget by using the code HNY2011 at my etsy shop, you will receive a 20% discount.
Just pop the code in their upon check out. It finishes this Saturday 22nd Jan at midnight.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Describing your Business

Describing your art or craft, can be a challenge. I was recently asked to describe what I do, and even though I knew exactly what it is I do, I had to try & summarise it in 30 seconds.

It had me thinking, what is it that I do? How can I say what I do quickly and efficiently. I felt that I really had to to work this out, as you just never know who may ask you this question in the future.

I decided to work this out on my trusty computer. I started typing, and boy did I think I was impressive, I did so much & my detail was amazing. Amazing if someone wanted to hear me ramble for 5 minutes, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Maybe I will leave this info to family members when they are what have I've been up to!

I had no idea how hard this was, as I also had to make sure I feel confident when saying it. (As I don't know about you, but when I am a little shy, intimidated or nervous, I tend to have verbal diarrhoea, that's just between us). I sat there for ages and I rehashed and rehashed. I wanted to get it as close to 30 seconds as possible, where I didn't feel I was speaking to quickly and literally blurting out information.

This is what I came up with....

My business name is Tiges and Weince & I am an illustrator of children's artwork and accessories. Using my artwork, I hand make children's decorative cushions, create wall art, and magnetic bookmarks. My work is very bright an colourful, you should take a look (handing over business card).

I am not a business expert by any means, and I am positive an expert may read that and cringe.....But I feel comfortable with that as it is honest and friendly. Never over embellish!
I think that is half the battle if you're honest and proud of what you do, talking about it comes naturally.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Custom Order For Day Care Centre

I received an order the other day for several of my cushions for a day care centre in Melbourne.

They are being used in the recreation area for the kids, near the bean bags & quiet reading area.
I think they are going to look so cute and bright, and I love the wording "community children", it really has a sense of belonging doesn't it?

They have been posted now, but I thought I would take a quick photo of the personalised ones.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

20% Sale in My Etsy Shop


Until the 22nd Jan I wanted to let you know that I am having a sale on everything in my Etsy shop. I am offering a cheeky 20% discount on everything all you have to do is use the code HNY2011.
I have a bit of excess stock that would be great to move along for the new designs coming along.

I hope you find something you like.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christening Gifts

I have been to a couple of Christenings this year, including Christening my own daughter Charlotte. You can read about the day here.

It's hard buying Christening gifts as anything that has a biblical them, lets me honest can be old, dowdy & generally foul!
Problem solved....
I have designed 2 cushions which still have a biblical theme, but feature a whimsical little church, a few crosses, some gorgeous butterflies and tulips, and even an owl. The design can be personalised with any wording you desire. Instead of Christening it may be 'baptism', or 'naming day', anything that will represent your celebration.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Don't Underestimate The Colour Grey : Madeit Finds

Grey...A bit Black, a bit white?

It's a colour kind of sitting on the fence isn't it? It always seems that way to me.
It's also a hard colour to wear, it's tone can make your skin tone questionable???
However never underestimate how beautiful it can be, I am a fan of grey, especially those that have a little silver sparkle tone to it.

You can find these grey beauties on madeit.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some indoor gardening

Gardening is a big TO DO for me in 2011.
I am sick and tired of looking at all the television shows, and gazing at glossy magazines with beautiful gardens, and then getting cross at myself for letting mine go.

My backyard is a mess, with all of the amazing rain, it's gone very wild and my plants are drowning in weeds and super long grass. But that's a whole other chapter....

I wanted a quick fix, something that would look great RIGHT NOW, instant gratification was what I needed. I decided to try my hand at some indoor plants. I have never had an indoor plant, I know hard to believe, but never had the inclination. Maybe because I knew my dog may piddle on them. My doggy is in heaven now, (R.I.P Jasper), so I thought I would start.

My first pot here....Plant = Bromeliads (bro-meh-lee-AH-say-eye).
"Bromeliads are members of a plant family known as Bromeliaceae (bro-meh-lee-AH-say-eye). The family contains over 3000 described species in approximately 56 genera. The most well known bromeliad is the pineapple. The family contains a wide range of plants including some very un-pineapple like members such as Spanish Moss (which is neither Spanish nor a moss). Other members resemble aloes or yuccas while still others look like green, leafy grasses.(Bromeliad Society Int.)"

Directions seem simple, to be near sunlight with plenty of air. They are right at the back of my house where my French doors are so that box is ticked. I even bought a 'self watering' pot, so I don't have to think about them too much.

Image - Kylie Loy

Image - Kylie Loy

The second pot here. Plant = Grafted Cactus
Aren't they super cute? So bright, I love them. Even though I took these photos outside, they are for inside, I just couldn't resist the lovely lighting there.

Directions are again very easy to care for, do not over water, water well when soil is dry to touch, best near a window sill with lots of natural light, or as I have read, they are an "excellent subject for window culture"!!

Image - Kylie Loy

This is so exciting, and quite a lot of instant satisfaction. It has definitely brightened up some much much need corners of my house with lots of colour.

If anyone likes the look of the plants, and pots, they were all purchased at Bunnings.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Stockists

A quick hello to two of my newest stockists.
Both of these fabulous stores are selling my cushions and it's such a great feeling.

The lovely Melissa owns the gorgeous boutique.
Sienna Lane
It is such a beautifully styled shop, with a gorgeous red and white them, and a shop full of products to die for. You can find Sienna Lane at;
Shop 21a, 300 Point Cook Road
Point Cook Ph: 9395 5841
The other is the very well know BubbaBling, this is such an awesome online store with every bedroom decor product you can think of. A little bit of heaven actually.
It's been a pleasure meeting Marnie who runs the shop.
You can see everything the online store has to offer here.
Be sure to check out the amazing owl laser cut mirror, it is the BEST.
My brother inlaw bought one for Charlotte, for her Christening, at my request hehehe.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I am reading

Ahhh reading, I could do it all day, a good book is very therapeutic.
It has the ability to stop your crazy trains of thoughts, and take you somewhere else. What ever your style is, just to shut the mind down is so refreshing. I haven't been reading much lately, it's a bit had with a new baby, but 2011 is here and the bookworm in me has returned. One book a month is my goal, usually I can turn them around much faster, but I am not pressuring myself.
A book bought for me by a very best friend.
I got it for my birthday & was so happy when I received it as I am generally on to any books that have a French them. I have just started this so I will let you know what I think when I am done.
A quick overview.
This is a non fiction book about an Australian girl who tells her story of when she met a Frenchman name Frederic. Before returning home to Sydney he invites her to Paris for a week. It's about how their relationship grows & the cultural clashes. She ends up living there and it then turns into a journey of learning French etiquette and the new challenges of a new country.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - A New Year, A Fresh Start

I love the beginning of a new year it's so exciting, so inspiring. It's a great time to reflect on the GREAT events that have happened in my life, and also a great time to reflect on the events that may have seemed...ummm somewhat questionable, and not even worth mentioning.

A huge year for my family with the stand out event, the birth of my baby doll,
Charlotte Rose
Featured below effortlessly modelling my brand new sunnies I received for Christmas.

Also just watching my little man Hudson grow and grow. Even though he isn't fond of sharing, & I am sure believes the world revolves around his demands, I still love him to pieces!!

2010 was a wonderful year also from a business perspective.
It has finally started to gain some structure, and after a very busy Christmas sales period, has confirmed some positive product decisions I chose.
It's been a great year to meet some awesome ladies running new markets, and also meeting the the gals who have stalls at them. I look forward to seeing them all very soon in 2011.
Now I am not one for resolutions as such, they always end up being empty promises full of dissapointment. Instead, I am up for some attainable improvements.
For 2011 I am going to......
Find better balance in my life.

Improve my time management.

Make 'date night' a priority with my husband.

Take one photo per day (A big task just to remember this!!)

Draw more free hand sketches

Wear more dresses
Wear some more lipstick, a sure pick you up.

Spend more time in the garden.
I can think of a million more things I want to do like, eat better, exercise more, read more, save more, go on more holidays. I try and achieve these goals daily anyway, but this year I want to create tasks that are attainable. Not to avoid disappointment, but to take the pressure off, and maybe see where life takes me for a change.
Be kind to yourself in 2011.