Sunday, February 28, 2010

Madeit Store Now Open Fir Business

I have finally got my act together and officially opened my "made it" store.

Thanks goodness.... It's been on the cards for ages. I am looking forward to see what kind of results I get from it. I know a lot of you have both etsy and madeit stores. I would love to get some feedback as to how they compare.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Fab Friday Finds Swimming

Every Friday I take Hudson to his swimming class. It's something I really enjoy especially in the summer time, winter not so much.
Today's Fab Friday Finds are inspired by swimming, the pool, water, and sun.

1. Itty Bitty Fishy Hair clip by LittleBelles

2. You're a crab - ilsook

3. Swim Cover Up by JenSport

4. Blue Mod Dots Zippered Wet Bag by Snuggy Baby

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Embellish Overload

Some more Iron On Transfers
Don't buy something new.
Have you thought of revamping something really plain?
Freshen up that lonely garment sitting in the bottom of a draw?
Try making something old look brand new again?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day At Werribbe Zoo

Werribee Zoo was fabulous, and the day was perfect.
Initially we were all a bit worried about the 34' degree heat, and then a forecast of potential showers, but thought oh well lets do it. It ended up perfect 29' degrees and a slight breeze.
We all did the Open Range Safari which was great, informative and enjoyable. Hudson loved it, his word (not that he has many) of the day "Whats This" at every animal we saw.
Thankfully we sat on a continuous seat so he ran from one side of the bus to the other.
It was a good walk around the zoo, and Hudson got extremely close an personal with a lioness, through inches thick glass of course. I do wonder if had has suddenly moved, how many feet he would have jumped in the air though.
A family picnic followed by lots of other walking made a great day. Like all toddlers Hudson was fascinated chasing the birds, or should I say tormenting them?
Highly recommended.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Joie De Tea

If you feel like a quick read I just interviewed Verity from Joie de Tea, for the Modish Market blog.
I am posting the link to this one as I found it really interesting.
I can see the benefits, I just cant kick the caffeine habit not that 2 cups a day is a crime.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Zoo - Fab Friday Finds

I am going to the Werribee Open Range Zoo on Sunday, and must admit I'm quite excited about it. I have heard great things about it, and a I think Hudson will love it too. We're going to have a big family picnic with both mine and Daniel's family so it should be fun.
My Fab Friday finds are inspired but my Zoo trip.

#1 Zz is for Zoo by Modern Pop

#2 2-D Zoo in Jolly - Chenille Baby Bib by colbylanedesigns

#3 Spotty Elephant Baby Bodysuit - Applique Romper by tadpolecreations

#4 Wall Art Kids Decors Murals Vinyl Decals Stickers---Giraffe by walldecors

#5 Zoo Animals (set of 3) by happysquashtoys

#6 FOUR Fabric Covered Buttons - Zoo Critters by butteredparsnips

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Creative Surge Started With A Sketch

Last night I was sitting drawing with Hudson as he loves it when I draw a character.
It's very exciting when we add the nose, eyes, mouth, ears and so on.
I wonder in his mind is it "coming alive" ?
Anyway we drew this,
I loved his reaction, like any mum it's just the best when they get all excited over something that we see as simple. So last night I drew a pattern for our creature, made some adjustments,
as I had this creative surge for him to come alive.
Well here he is.

You have only a head shot as I ran out of stuffing half way through so his body is very limp.
Don't you hate that?
I really enjoyed it and have some other ideas. Mmmm maybe this is something new?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Moda Fabric Clearance

Hello sewing friends.
I am having a bit of a clean out fabric wise. I bought some fabric last year and basically I am over it. It may be a strange concept to some. I have decided where I can to sell it just to make some space.
It is all Moda quilting quality, there are 3 prints
Odyssea which is the fish print
Dots from the Birdie collection by 'Me & My Sister"
Birds from the Birdie collection by 'Me & My Sister"
All prints were wholesale $10.45p/m and happy to sell for $8.00p/m plus post I know there
would be at least 4mts of each.

There are 4 from the Bella solids range, colours include bleach white (990097), buttercup (990051),pink (990061) and Robins Egg (990085) which in my eye is aqua.
All plains were $4.95p/m and happy to sell for $3.50 p/m plus post. I know there would be at
least 7-8mts of each
Fat quarter bundles listed in my etsy shop are US$8.50.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I went to see ACDC last night (in Melbourne), and I have to tell you those old fellas know how to rock. I am not a fan as such, my hubby is, as well as mum and dad so I tagged along for this apparent, unforgettable experience. The other incentive for me was that Wolfmother played who I love. I will admit it I am a chic of the 90's, I grew up with loud rock, and still love it when I am in the mood. Anyway, I was very impressed with how good the show was, a little unimpressed by the chicks on their boyfriends shoulders flashing their boobies every time a camera was on them.
But I guess it was that kind of crowd, and whatever rocks your world.
For those who are going when they reach your state, I think you will definitely enjoy the show.
Angus Young was fabulous, the tiny animated little pocket rocket, who moves his mouth constantly like a fish, didn't stop for 2hrs. I was completely intrigued by him.
A memento of hubby's from the concert.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines People
There is no celebration of V day in my household. I didn't get anything I didn't buy anything either.
Come to think of it I never actually remember having the conversation "Lets Not Celebrate".
I will admit I LOVE presents, who doesn't? Why have I let this occasion slip past me?

I mean for goodness sake I am past 6 months pregnant & my love of chocolate is more desperate than normal. Right about now a big slab of Lindt or Cadbury would have gone down very nicely.

I was looking through some of the nice Valentine items for sale today & I just loved this quirky little love note card. Soooooo cute, or do I love it more because hedgehog resembles a
lovely chocolate and nut slice?

by myzoetrope

Friday, February 12, 2010

Totally Innocent - Craft Business Of The Week

I haven't done an interview for a while, and actually forgot how much I love doing them.
Learning about other artist's is a great way to feel inspired by their creativity, work techniques,
uniqueness, and clever business minds.
I found my artist this week myself, as I know her and I am very familiar with her product, because I really like it to. She is a great person and I am sure most of you know her too.

It's Lou Pennisi from....

Tell us about yourself?
Always a tricky question...My name is Lou and I am a mumma to three. My dream was always to be an actress and I did a Bachelor of Arts in Performance Studies at uni, but never had the confidence and the hunger to do it in the real world. I spend most of my week in a frenzy - working at a local primary school aiding an autistic girl, building the totally innocent empire (haha) and working on the Yarraville Markets which I run! In my spare time......I like to watch films, take photos,read, be an aunty, hang at the beach, drink wine, and chill with my cherubs who are 12, 11 and 8....I cant sit still...I'm incredibly indecisive...I am passionate...I never stop thinking and never stop dreaming. Always dreaming !

How long have you been crafting and designing, when did it start?
I have been creating since I was a wee one. Both of my grandmothers were crafters and my mother is a beautiful artist. I was quite shy as a little girl and spent hours and hours hiding behind my colouring books and getting lost in making things.I went to a bit of a hippy school and we could do art all day long if we wanted to. And I did. I was a mad photographer as a kid and still ponder the thought of doing that a bit more seriously....maybe one day.
I still remember my very first day on my Ma's sewing machine. She taught me to make hankies.
But it was my mum who allowed my creative soul to blossom. She always made it possible for me to be creative.She always said my work was fabulous (even when it wasnt) and she encouraged me to be creative everyday. She is the reason I do what i do. She is the one who made me believe in my artwork.

Where does the business name "totally innocent" come from?
Ummmmm.....I'm not really sure.I think my partner Charlie came up with the name.It represents my style. All of my designs are childlike,whimsical and innocent. totally innocent.

Where does your your inspiration come from?
Everywhere !
When I am illustrating I often find myself back in my dreamy childhood. My childhood memories are strong and I often draw things that represent that time of innocence. Days of playing outdoors under a sprinkler, dreaming of lying in the clouds, riding elephants and sliding down rainbows. My children inspire me to be the best I can be. I often find inspiration in children's books and vintage cards and swap cards. Inspiration is everywhere. I never run out of ideas...its time that is the problem !!

What is it that grabs your attention from a designing perspective?
Simple design,clean lines. Colour. Always colour. I love colour. Random colours that don't really go. Colours that are bold and brash. Pastels that can barely be seen. Colours that are in your face. Colours that are moody. I also love Japanese design - the cuter the better.

Do you use any 'odd' house hold items to help you create your products?
Not that I can think of...nothing terribly "odd"...

What blogs do you read?
Oh too many. That's why I post every two months. I get on to post something and two hours later find myself lost reading other peoples blogs...For photography - Sheye Rosemeyer (amazing woman.just amazing) For design - Print and Pattern, Design Sponge, For celebrity and film goss - Stars Hollow , For prettiness - Strawberry Kisses, My Folk Lover, Daydreamlily...and then there are the friends who blog...Chalk and Talk, Squirtbaby, Susannah Tucker, Id tees, Shhhhh...its Lizey lou.....but ALL the blogs on my sidebar are visited frequently...including Tiges and Weince....x

I know you also run the Yarraville market. Hows that going?
Very well.Thank you for asking. The market has been running for almost a year now and I am really happy with its growth. I have just "employed" a wonderful woman named Starsha who will be helping me one day a week to answer emails and deal with all the logistical stuff, so that i can focus a bit more on totally innocent. The greatest thing for me about the market is all the incredibly cool designers that I have met in the last 12 months.The stallholders are constantly changing and shifting, but there is a real sense of community, encouragement and friendship amongst the stallholders which really gives the market a great vibe. We encourage people who are thinking about selling their product to have a go - those designers out there who are yet to do a market - contact us - we love new talent !! It is a lot of hard work (as you are about to discover Kylie!) and very time consuming, but so rewarding also. Our first market for the year is on this Saturday (alongside the Yarraville Arts festival). We are expecting it to be a huge day as the festival draws a crowd of thousands.So its an insane week for me this week trying to prepare for it. I'm also organising the Arts Precinct which is an area at the festival specifically layed out for handmade products. I never imagined running a handmade market...and yet here I am !!

What is your favorite music/artist/movie/book/website?
Oh too hard !! Did I mention how indecisive I am?
Music - I'm a bit of a music nerd !My fave album of all time is probably Matthew Sweet -Girlfriend. Also love the Beatles and old 50's and 60's tunes and DIDO (much to my families disgust !)RHCP,
Artist - ummmmm....too many to mention
Movie - Life Is Beautiful,Stand By Me,The Breakfast club....and lots more....but you don't have all day.
Book - To Kill A Mockingbird,Scar Tissue,and anything written by Augusten Burroughs (love that man!)
Website - sadly probably facebook....although it is boring me a tad lately, also etsy and made it!
If you could interview anybody in the world who would it be?
Elvis Presley.Or John Lennon.Or Nelson MAndela. Or the Dalai Lama...indecisive much ??

Where is your next holiday destination?
We just returned a few weeks ago from a trip to Fiji...The credit card is telling me we wont be going anywhere for a while...but...the next trip will be to New mans homeland. Our kids are part Maori and we really need to show them their to speak.

Thanks heaps Lou for your time, you are clearly a busy bee, buz buz... I know I definitely learnt a lot more about you and what makes that creative brain of yours tick away.

You can find Totally Innocent by clicking on any of these links; Website; Blog; Yarraville Market;

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New!! Range Of Personalised Bookmarks

I have a lot of comments about my bookmarks, you know little hints,
"gee it would be nice if the child's name was on it"
"how good would these be as party favours, personalised for each child"
"my mum/dad/grandparents/aunt/uncle would love these"
and so on and so on.
Here are some newbies I have started, well the girls designs anyway, with boys
to come of course.
They are all getting loaded up on to Etsy soon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Love Baking & All Things Sweet

I love to bake mmmmm.
Sweet things are my favourite things to eat.
I don't know about you, but when I go out for dinner I always look at the desert menu first.
It determines how big a main meal I should eat to allow for my love of sweetness.
To inspire my baking, eating, and all things sweet here are some fabulous things I
have found on Etsy.

ApronStringsandmoreRetro Cupcake, two handed oven mitt

PaperPumpkin, Soda Fountain. . . Set of 6 Bubble Magnets Party Favors

SugarMohawk, Larrrge Red Velvet Cupcakes Oooozzzzzing Marshmallow Top

juliesadorabowls, Cherry Blossoms..Small decoupaged bowl

Studio Musings, I Really Love Tea

jennysbakeshop, Ready to frame matted PRINT

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Cousin Kelly's Wedding

Back to blogging again, it's been a few days but I have had a huge weekend & I needed some recovery. I was in my cousin Kelly's wedding on Saturday.
Yes this is Kelly who is involved in starting Modish Creators Market with me.
It was the most amazing day & the best time I have had as a bridesmaid.
Being in the 6th month of my pregnancy it was very tiring, my feet hurt like hell and were swollen,
it was 26'C but felt like 36'C, I got through it though happily.
Kelly looked beautiful, radiant actually I had never seen her so happy.
She was married in Camberwell at Our Lady of Victories Basillica and the reception followed at Butleigh Wooton Receptions in Kew.
I have popped in a couple of photos for you to see.
One of the two of us and with her now husband Christian.
It was such a great day.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Spray Tan

I was spray tanned last night for the first time in my life. I am in my cousins wedding tomorrow so looking 'peaky' wasn't an option. I am not allowed to have a shower until lunch time, and
I am feeling rather ordinary due to this. I must say it's a stinky process, I generally as
a rule I don't "fake tan" due to the pong. She used the St Tropez brand in which I was informed was the best, but it still smells.
However......I do admit I have never looked so brown.
I am naturally quite fair so being brown has never been an addiction or obsession.
I don't sun bake for obvious cancer reasons, red I don't believe is a good look, as already mentioned fake tan smells, and lastly the maintenance is in the too hard basket for me.

If I knew it would smell like this I may reconsider,

YSL Parisienne my newset and most favourite fragrance at the moment.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eating And Sleeping

Last Sunday had been a busy day for Hudson, being at nanni and grandad's, playing, reading, and swimming. By the time I had picked him up he was past wanting to sleep, so I thought save the tantrums I'll let him stay up & see how he goes. I was dreading the feral behaviour, I knew that was to eventually arrive as I had seen it before.
I was sitting at the computer reading blogs while Hudson was eating his dinner.
Suddenly it was very quiet, which doesn't always mean peace!!

Yep out like a light, tuna bake all over his face and hands, nice and messy, finished with a pink dummy. If only he had stayed like that. This kid of mine runs on the sniff of an oily rag. He must have caught his 40 winks because as soon as I lifted him up, he was wide awake and rearing to go.
They feral behaviour finally arrived an hour later....Being overtired isn't fun.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Something In The Air About Foxes

There is something in the air about foxes lately. I think those vintage kind have made a resurgence to the kitschy world. I saw a posting the other day on Lark's blog and Jay from Finki's, and was immediately inspired.

My style isn't really retro or vintage so here is my take on the FOX!!
A cheeky, very bright and more modern version for the kids.
MMMM I am seeing some transfers and bookmarks coming along soon.

Now available in my etsy store.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba

Last Friday I went over to Chadstone Shopping Centre (in Melbourne) with Belinda, my
very good friend and her adorable little princess Sadie.
It was a "Yo Gabba Gabba" workshop day.

I have posted some pics of the twosome hard at drawing.
Then the meeting of Hudson & Foofa was a treat. Of course I couldn't read his
mind but I am sure it was something like
"Holy COW how did you get so damn big, in my TV your are soooooooooo tiny".
The whole 30mins was a big laugh.