Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something New & A Great Weekend

I have something new to share, another new 'Tiges and Weince' product, introducing the "NAPPY COMPACT". For all those mums on the run with their bubbas who have to do an errand or two, and don't necessarily need the whole nappy bag, this is perfect for those just in case moments. It's funky, bright, cheerful, and most of all compact. It is the size of a nappy and the width of 3 of them. It's fully lined and is finished with a silver press stud. Best of all it's perfect for your hand bag, and cool enough to have on show when you need to take it out. It's well priced at only $30. Would love to know what you all think.

I attended the Flemington Market on Sunday, I had a great day. The weather was fantastic, warm with a breeze. I made w few sales which I always love, and most of all met a couple of my customers have been on line and purchased. Hi Megan and Lauren. below are a couple of photo's of my product on the day.

Also thanks "Hand Made Kids" for featuring my hot pink spotted change mat. I am glad you thought it was a fabulous Friday find.

Have a great evening everyone,
Ky x

Monday, February 16, 2009

I have had a busy weekend, & sold some product which was fantastic, but it has left me with a hole in my stock levels. I am attending the Flemington Market this coming Sunday, giving me 6 days to go, so I have better get my behind into gear and get some products made. I am super excited as this will be my first appearance at Flemington, so I am hoping for a successful afternoon. I have a couple of new items I will be making and will keep you posted. I would love everyone to come by and say hello, I know it will really make my day. My site number is #361.

I have just become a member of the DUST team & Kookie Kids which is great. Both businesses/websites represent and support everything hand made of course by Australians. Dust is a team within Etsy, as is Kookie Kids, but specifically targeted to baby and children's products 0-12yrs. I am so happy becoming part of it as I hope to make some new and supportive friends. It's also astonishing how many talented Aussies are out there. It truly inspires me, and is so beneficial when you feel you have hit the wall and all of your creative energy has slumped. Thanks teams for including me and I look forward to learning a lot more.

Back to my last post regarding my friend that I was unsure of her situation after the devastating fires, well I am happy to say she is well as well as he family. Through contacting other high school friends on 'face book', I eventually found out this information. I spoke to her dad & look forward to speaking to her in a day or so. Thanks god all is well & thank you face book!!
That's it for now.
Kylie x

Saturday, February 14, 2009

God save those affected by the fires

You have probably read on my profile that I am a Melbourne based girl. I am also located in the northern suburbs & approximately 30mins from Kinglake where the devastating fires have been. Today it is very smokey & not good to breathe, bringing me unable to imagine how hard it would have been for those individuals in the thick of it. Last Sunday I text a friend who lives in Kinglake hoping she was well & missed any unfortunate circumstances. I received a text back telling me how she lost everything, her home, the business she was building with her husband, & her life she was building was completely destroyed. Thank god she is alive, reading her text took my breath away & my heart was heavy for her that night & for the days that followed. I still feel heavy hearted for all those up there. I also have a friend from high school who I last ran in to when I was 26weeks pregnant with Hudson. She is married with 4 kids & lives in Kinglake, I don't even know if she is OK. I think of her daily & have been trying to find out if she is fine. My husband & I donated $150 hoping it will help in someway to rebuild those families lives. Money will never fill the feeling of loss, or the peoples lives who have been taken innocently. I hope all that have spare change have done the same.

On a happier note it's amazing how strangers pull together for those in crisis & make me proud to be Australian

Bye for now Ky x

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today at Sisters Market

I have been terribly slack lately, clearly I have not entered anything for a while. I have a million excuse but can't be bothered going there.

I attended Sisters Market today and boy was it a stinker. Thank you for those brave souls who entered the hot weather to come & buy something from me. Luckily it was quite cool in the hall today, so I didn't suffer to bad. However at pack up time, which was an hour earlier than normal, & I was packing my car I thought my face was going to melt away. My gold bracelet that I had on got warm, it's crazy 46' degrees.

I have been creating busily lately, building up stock. Here are a couple photo's of a few new items I have made. This is a great bib especially for those tots 5mths & over, & a fantastic change mat to co-ordinate with it. Both have towelling on the back for great absorption & are super soft. There are 3 colors available at present, below is the black & white spot which is a great unisex item, I have to other colours available, aqua/chocolate & pink/apple green. Head over to my website for more detail.

I have had a great response to them so will be looking to add more colours in the future.
Great news!! I will be at Flemington Market on 22nd Feb. I am so excited as I have been trying to get in there for a while but haven't been luck. Looks like my luck has turned.
Bye for now,
Kylie x