Thursday, November 20, 2008

My biggest frustration at the moment is time management. I want to do everything, look after Hudson, work my business, run an orderly house, earn money, & have lots of time for leisurely activities. The funny thing is I make time for them all but it's generally so chaotic. I think as of next week, yep like everyone you start fresh on a Monday. I am going to formulate some kind of 'loose' roster or timetable so I have some kind of structure. Coming from a former career relying on procedures & structures, to now being at home each day I feel I am losing the battle & a fish out of water. I would love to know if it is just me or does anybody else have this issue.

I attended Matilda's Market on Sunday. It was my first Mathilda's stall. WOW the talent out there is amazing, I just love looking at every one's hand crafted items. It really does inspire me to push myself harder creatively. My problem is I want to do everything. My experience was very positive lots of interest in my items which you can all see at my shop. Lots of people wanting to buy but because they didn't know the sex of the babies sales didn't happen. Please people come back & buy if you are reading this after you find out if it's a girl or boy. I need to work a lot hard on my gender neutral pieces I think. Even though I didn't sell as much as I wanted, the experience & inspiration was worth it. My mum comes along to the markets to help & she is a great right hand man, oops I mean lady. I will be attending the Sisters Market on 29th Nov, make sure to drop by, it's fantastic.


Gee so much for me starting a blog. Already I have lapsed in my consistency & I had only written once. I have spoken to may others about their blogs & all have said it takes a bit of time to get into the groove & discipline of doing so. I will let myself off this time.

I have been so busy lately I christened Hudson on November 9th. I was a a great day, spending it with his godparents, family & friends. Besides christening Hudson my biggest achievement of the day was his cake. I made 50 large cupcakes in my favourite flavour of course "cookie & cream". My husband mad the stand which is great as it also serves as a display for my gift boxes at market stalls. I also made the star cupcake toppers. They tasted amazing. I am glad as if anybody knew & saw the effort in them behind the scenes they would have thought I was crazy. What do you think of them? What do you think of the HUDSON? That was hand made solid belgium chocolate. Divine! I met a girl by the name of Christina at Aphilgnton the other week who has amazing skills with chocolate. Chocolate artistry it is check her website out