Sunday, April 20, 2014

BOGOF Mother's day prints - Deal of the week

Get your deal here

Sorry I am running a couple of days late, with all of the Easter activities going on I have been kind of busy to say the least.

A great deal again this week, still focusing on the very important Mother's Day which is the next celebration on all of our calendars. Buy one print & get one free from my Mother;s Day collection. Ideal for mum of course& maybe for your Mother in-law, or even one for Nanna or Grandma from the kids. There are lots of options.

I hope you're having a wonderful Easter Sunday & it's spent with family & friends.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beautiful coloured Easter chocolate

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday & my kids are excited!
Easter has become a big deal in my house, much more than it was when I was a kid. It is seriously a really big event, every year I see the most beautiful decorations available, not to mention the artistic chocolate creations. MMMM I can't forget those, they makes my mouth water.

1 2 3 4 5 6 

I have found 6 beautiful sweet looking mouth watering chocolatey things to eat. Some of them seem actually too could to eat, & yet quite easy to create to make.

Have a beautiful day with your families tomorrow

Monday, April 14, 2014

Free Easter garland for the kids to colour in.

My kids are on school holidays, so I have set up a few Easter activities for them to leading up to the arrival of the Easter Bunny.

I drew up some Easter Eggs & printed them on some card & ask them to colour them in. Not only did they really enjoy it, it kept them quite so I could do a little bit of housework.
So I thought if it kept my 2 amused it should very well work on some other kiddy winks.

So here it is;

How to make
1. Print off your eggs on some card stock or heavy white paper.
2. Let the kids get creative with decorating them with textas, pencils, crayons, paint, whatever they love.
3. Cut out each beautiful egg with some scissors.
4. Make a hole at the top of each egg with a hole punch. A pen works just as well if you poke it through gentle.
5. Get some bakers twine, string, ribbon, cotton thread whatever you have floating around to hang it & make it come alive.
6. Make sure you leave a 15-20cm extension at each end so you can hang it. 
7. Tie you first egg with a gentle double knot, so it's secure. If you don't the egg will move around. I suggest a gentle knot so you don't rip the hole, & it also hangs much more nicely.
8. I had a distance of about 12cm between my eggs, (this distance is entirely up to you), so then string your next egg & make a gentle double knot again. Repeat the process.
9. The string length I used was 1.2mts giving me plenty of room to hang nicely.
10. Find somewhere to hang your Easter Egg garland & enjoy.

Have fun.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Deal of the week - photo heat bag for mum.

Brand new to Tiges and Weince is DEAL OF THE WEEK.

This weeks deal is one for mum or nanna. A treasured personalised heat bag with 4 of your most treasured photos printed on it. Filled with rice & organic grown lavender. Smells superb.
Only 20 available or until sold out

Please keep in touch as each week I will be offering a pretty damn good deal that you would not be able to receive normally. It will be a great saving of any of my products chosen.
It will only last for the week, or until sold out. There will only be a selected number of deals offered, when those have been purchased the deal finishes. A new deal will be launched every Friday morning & will finish the following Thursday at midnight.

Have a great weekend

Friday, April 4, 2014

My top 5, best selling boys personalised cushions

So here they are my 5 top selling boys cushions. I find it's amazing as a designer, no matter how many new boy personalised designs I can create, no matter what the super cool trends are, these guys always sell the most. Over & over, & I am so fine about that.

It really shows how much boys love their cars, trucks, & machinery is all shapes & forms. From the farm, to the street to the air. My intention is always to keep colours bright & relatively classic. I know a lot of people get bored with the blue & reds, but you know what, its classic & always co-ordinated perfectly in the majority of boys bedrooms. 

Did you know that the trucks & tippers cushion was the second cushion I ever created? Thats was about 4 years ago, & like I said it literally just keeps trucking along.

They are all listed in the shop section in my store under "boys cushions" section of my shop & still available in 2 sizes. 

Although I talk a lot about classics, I am in the vey near future going to add a new colour way for each design. Just to freshen things up, but don't panic these boys will always be available.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mood Board - Farm House Happiness

There was no way I couldn't ever create a mood board around a fun farm house
What child, boy or girl doesn't love a visit to the farm? Or a visit to a metropolitan farm yard where animals are so excess-able. I know my kids loved visiting & still do actually. For Hudson's 4th & Charlotte's 2nd birthday I actually had a birthday party completely inspired by this. 

This farmhouse decor design is one of my most popular, & generally created for boys. My mood board is focused solely on a junior boys bedroom who has a keen eye for farm animals. It has an natural feel created with a timber bed & lots of wooden tones & pops of red to brighten it up. The products I have selected are based around my own farmhouse yard decor products, which are a great base for starting a room inspired by the farm, their animals, & so many other possibilities.

Below are all of the links straight to the gorgeous bedroom items above.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Mothers Day Range at Tiges and Weince Released

I have finished my mothers day collection, it's been a few months in the planning & I am so glad it's here. It may feel like mother's day is so far away, but actually it's only a matter of weeks away. Once we have Easter done & dusted, it will be time to celebrate a very exciting time of year. I love mothers day & lets face it, it's all about us isn't it?
I know organising gifts for yourself, especially very personalised ones like the type I have to excite you with, can be a challenge. I am here asking every woman who is reading right now, to let those me you know as a subtle hint, for him to purchase something for the mother of his kids. 
I have gifts for grandparents all sorted too. My mum & mother in-law every year benefit the fruits of my work with updated photographed products of the kids. A keep sake to be loved & cherished. 

Everything on this post is available in my shop here PLUS more

One last thing cut off dates to ensure delivery. 
For Australia - 21st April 2014. 
Everywhere else - 11th April 2014