Thursday, July 24, 2014

How I put together my product collections - Step 6

Yay you have made it to the final step. I am assuming you're feeling proud, excited, pumped and so incredibly eager to share your work with the world.

If you have several collections within your online shop, it would be a great idea to now categorise them into their collections. For example if it's called "summer Lagoon", group it together. I love the brand Mozi, & they do this really well, have a look at how they group their collections together.
It isn't essential to do that if it doesn't work for your brand. I personally just categorise each of my different products together under one shop category within my store. So all of my personalised cushions  are together, door stops, heat bags are together and so on. You can have a look at how they are placed just below.

Although I have categorised them like this, if you look within each area of my products they have been given product name that will automatically identify them as their own mini collections. For example my new Sweet Fawn collection, is called Sweet Fawn personalised cushion, sweet fawn door stop, sweet fawn clock & so on. So they are still together as a mini collection but just separated for cataloging reasons.

It really is important that the consistency previously discussed in the past steps is followed. It's always going to keep your collection tight look and looking sharp in your shop, which is really important when current & new potential customers visit your store. The goal is to make coordinating and shopping as easy as possible.

You have worked really hard on your collection and it's really important that everything looks professional an that customers will take your shop seriously. Be very clear in your product area so customer can easily navigate from item to item, making it clear and simple. that last thing you'd want is confusion, as lets me honest they will leave very quickly.

Putting collections is one of the most exciting things I love to do. It really is like creating a baby, from the initial ideal to growing it carefully with care & attention to detail. Once it's born, enjoy every moment of it, maintain it and proudly show your passion to everyone.

I hope you have enjoyed this series. It's been a thrill writing it.

If you would like to re read any of the steps you can start again right here.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lavender & rice filled heat bags just for your Dad

It s damn freezing in Melbourne at the moment, so I thought I'd release my Father's Day heat bag designs.

It's a brand new design, with a take on the very popular & so loved chevron pattern. I have added some extra colours to it as I just can't help myself. It also have a wonderful collection of words that are perfect for every super Dad or Grandfather.

Two colours available. The first (above), Latte which has lovely charcoal, tones of aqua & a lovely warm latter colour through out it. The second ( below), Blue, is bold & in superhero bright colours. Blue, grey, olive & pops of red.

A bonus this Father's day is the heat bag is now double sided. That means the print wraps seamlessly all the way around. On the back side in the middle will be left blank for you to add your very special message. On my heat bag I have a message from the kids to my husband. You don't have to write these words you can add anything you like. Also the front of the heat bag can also be personalised, if you don't want Dad & would rather Poppy or Granddad, thats fine just let me know.

A large size of approximately 27x18cm is filled with rice & Australian grown lavender. It is really important the lavender is Australian grown, well it's actually from Victorian where I am from. I know it's chemical free & is grown in a genuine lavender farm & nowhere else. Why rice? Well it's keeps just as warm as wheat, but without any oder. 

On the above image are some very coordinated tags on how to use instructions, attached with bakers twine, so no need to worry about what to do.

Cut off orders for personalised Father's Day products are 25th August 2014 for guaranteed delivery. 
Please visit my shop for more details.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Treasures

This week the lovely treasures I have found are all themed towards the rocket ship. A great colour palette of blues, grey & strong pops of red & orange. I love these colours together, they are bright strong & vivid. Also a great colour palette as a base & can easily be transferred to a big boys room.
I have chosen my rocket personalised cushion & blue rocket door stop to coordinate with all of the other gorgeous finds I have made.

Products sources 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Monday, July 21, 2014

Yikes......Father's Day is sneaking up

Where is this year going? It seems to be just flying by way too fast. It's only dawned on me that Father's day is relative close (in Australia is on September 7th). I never forget this day, but I always have those feelings of "oh my gosh" when it's just around the corner. This usually means as it's fast & busy period for me from a working perspective.

From a personal perspective I love Father's day because not only to I have my own special day with my dad, but my kids go nuts for it. They love spoiling their dad. I love the handmade cards that are created by the kids. This year will be Charlotte's first official Father's day event, & my husband will have an evening with her at kinder. Hudson will have his first chance to buy his own gift at his school stall for his dad, & I look forward to seeing what he brings home.

The other positive about Father's day is that Winter will be officially over by then, & spring is in the air which means summer will be coming. Excitement!

Back to Fathers Day...... From a retail perspective that is a window of about 6 weeks, actually maybe less. I have been very good this year & working well in advance, so I pretty much have my new fathers day products ready to share with the world. Besides a few little tweaks here & there it's ready to go.

I have added 2 new products into the father's day mix this year. Personalised tea towels & aprons. I always find the creation of Father's day gifts a little more challenging, as men seem to prefer practical gifts. Gifts that are simple & useful. Creating for grandfather's is a different ball game, as they are wanting personalised gifts from their grand kids, anything that connects that loving bond is treasured & loved forever. I write this with my own experiences, I know my dad has always has such a smile on his face when my kids have created something for him. It really is such a beautiful thing to see. I will also have my heat bags, as they not only smell divine but top of the list for practicality.

I will be officially announcing when the collection is ready for release in my next newsletter, which you can sign up for on the right hand side of this page. Did you know as a subscriber you're now able to receive 15% off your first order!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Words to Inspire - Creative Intelligence

I adore quotes, especially ones that trigger feelings & emotions. The below from Albert Einstein is definitely one that did just this. I am also a huge believe that sometimes these find you just when you need them, it's such a magical feeling when you're busy being busy & then you read something & it's like....Oh yeah!

Lately I feel like I have been so busy with being busy, my work was beginning to feel like a chore, you know the blah feeling? No love is lost, I adore what I do, but I haven't been bouncing of the walls with endless inspiration either. I'm only human & I go through high peaks & dips of inspiration.

Then this quote found me, on pinterest of course! I had that aha moment, & found myself nodding. Yep. Yes. Yay. It completely redefined how I was thinking with the"chore" mindset, that had been floating around in my head.

When I'm busy drawing, printing, writing, packing & shipping, I am now thinking about these task so differently. Creative is intelligence having fun. We are all so intelligent & unique, & we should be creating as much fun as we can with it. OK the packing & shipping may not be considered creative, but I can make it more creative by thinking about the creativity work being sent away to someone very special.

The biggest lesson from these words are the reminders that I am very fortunate that I get to use my creativity, combined with intelligence to do the job I love.

How did you interpret this message?

Friday, July 18, 2014

How I put together my product collections - Step 5

You have reached a point where you brand has definitely been defined now. You have your hero piece, your coordinates together, and it's looking sensational.

Other points to consider here are season add on's, as I like to call them. They are 3 areas that need to be actioned to grow sales and your collection as a strong brand.

Within your main collection have you looked at your price points? If you are unsure how to price your work there are so many resources. I learnt how to cost while working full time, but there is so much information out there, you are bound to find the right information for you. I learnt heaps of tips and tricks Etsy community via the incredibly informative sellers handbook.

In my business I have a 3 tiered pricing structure. These are all important as they create the ad on's I was talking about.

The first being products that are at the lower end of your pricing structure in your collection. These are generally products that do not have a lot of labour involved when creating, or even small items. They always end up being your best sellers I have learnt.
Middle range items which are, exactly that middle.
Larger items which are either large, more intricate, really labour intensive, or even heavier which naturally cost the most.

Seasonal items which are my favourite times of year to create. I always create a very mini collection for these areas, usually only 3 or 4 items. I am going to contradict everything I have talked about, but I don't always coordinate everything. I do this so I can hope to market to as many people as possible. Short season are literally get in there, captures as many sales as you can, and then it's over.
I always create for Valentine's day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas.

One off's or limited editions are exactly that.
One off creations may be something you have been experimenting with and it looks amazing, but you don't want to produce again.
Limited editions are brilliant when you get your hands on rare fabrics, accessories, metals or paper, because you can only make 6-10 of something and that is it. I love them especially when a creative burst hits and you just want to make it because you felt like it, but only in small numbers.
Both options are brilliant ways to draw in customers.

If you have been enjoying this series I would love to know, or even better please share with friends.

Missed the other steps? Find them here.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

FRESS SHIPPING for only 48hrs

Nothing is more exciting than sharing new products that I have created with you. I have had lots in the pipeline of late , drawing, drawing, drawing & I have been so excited to finally share them. From initial sketches to deciding what illustrations will go on what decor pieces, & to finally see it being printed, makes me jump & squeal with excitement. It really does!! I have released a fair portion of them all, but I still have a few to photograph & get organised.

Now that school holidays are over I can focus & get cracking on the rest.

Here is a taste of whats new & you will be able to find them all here. Lots of new cushions, door stops, & clocks to make your child's room the brightest & happy place in their little world!

Until tomorrow night at midnight (18.07.14), I am offering free shipping on everything in store, all you have to do is write the code FREE SHIPPING & thats it. It's that easy :)

Stay in touch x